Sports have always been a big part of my life, such as weightlifting, handball, running, crossfit, skiing, MTB cycling and more. Hiking, mountains, glaciers and the outdoors are also very high on my list of favorites!

In 2017 I started training in powerlifting, partly to help me recover from some running injuries. It is safe to say that I fell in love with the sport! Over the last few years I have competed both nationally and internationally, winning multiple Icelandic national championships, setting several national records and reaching the podium at the European Masters Championships. I have been active in the sport in other ways too, serving as the VP of the Icelandic Powerlifting Federation, as a referee and being a coach/handler for the Icelandic National Powerlifting Team in international competitions such as the EPF European Championships and the IPF World Championships.

Nutrition was always something that I struggled with in my training. I was so fortunate to sign up as a client with FFN at the beginning of 2022, something that had a hugely positive effect on my progress as an athlete. I am a Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach and have completed FFN´s nutrition coaching course.