I’m Joni (she/her). Having not grown up in a household where healthy eating and exercise were a priority, my journey with fitness and nutrition was a long one!

Like many, I wanted to be healthy, but how to get there was confusing to say the least. There is an overwhelming amount of ‘information’ out there.

Thankfully, I did find my way. I started strength training, became a NASM certified personal trainer, and found powerlifting. I also started listening to evidence based nutrition coaches and lifters. It made all the difference in the world. Nutrition wasn’t just about trying to be as small as possible anymore. It was about how my body performed and felt. I was finally comfortable taking up space.

I now have my PN1 certification, as well as my NASM CPT, CES, WFS and Pre/Post Natal through Girls Gone Strong.

I’m passionate about meeting people where they’re at helping them define their goals, and empowering them throughout their journey. See you on the strong side!