Definitely not! While we do work with tons of competitive powerlifters, weightlifters, and crossfitters, we also work with a lot of people who consider themselves recreational lifters/exercisers and just want to feel good during their workouts, have more energy throughout the day, and stay healthy.
Yes! In fact, that’s one thing we are known for. Too many athlete’s performance suffers while dieting or changing weight classes, and we have created methods to make sure that doesn’t happen. Most of our athletes continue to get stronger while dieting, as well!
Recovery has to do with your body’s resiliency. We have to recover from any sort of stress we put it under, whether that’s physical (illness, workouts, surgery) or mental/emotional (stressful work/life). The better we can recover from our stressors, the more stress we can handle each day. This means the more we focus on improving your body’s ability to recover, the more you can push in the gym, the more energy you’ll have in a day, and the faster you’ll get stronger. Think of our focus on improving recovery as a legal performance enhancing drug. It definitely gives you a huge advantage!
When you sign up you’ll be given the opportunity to request a specific coach. If you don’t have one in mind, we will assign you with the coach we feel will be the best fit for you based on your intake form.
Since lasting change takes the strategic implementation of new habits, we ask for a 3 month commitment to really give it a chance. After that you can move to month to month, or a different program of ours. Many of our clients choose to stay with us for years as they see us as an invaluable resource to not only their sport, but to their health and their life.
We do not give meal plans as it does not teach you how to make nutrition changes. But we will work very closely with you to provide as much assistance as you need in choosing the foods that best fit your needs and likes. That way you get to learn the process so that you never need a meal plan ever again.
Macro tracking is one of the strategies we really like with high level athletes, but we also recognize it is NOT for everyone. If you like tracking macros, we can write your plan that way. If you prefer not to, that’s okay, too… we have plenty of other tools we can use.
If you’ve never tracked macros before and want to learn, we will teach you!
A body weight scale, a digital food scale, a macro tracking app (such as My Fitness Pal or My Macros +), a smartphone or access to a computer, and a smartwatch are some of the tools your coach may want to utilize. The only one that is absolutely necessary for our program is the smartphone or computer so that you can communicate with your coach.
You’ll immediately be emailed our intake form. Once you fill that out, Dr. Lander will personally review it and determine which coach is the best fit for you. You will then get an email invite into our app to get connected with your coach. There, you’ll find some reading material and a link to schedule your first Zoom call with your coach. On that call, you and your coach will discuss your goals and needs and your coach will write a plan for you. From there you’ll be in contact with your coach as often as you need, but a minimum of once per week for your weekly check in as you work through your individualized program.