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Stronger Faster Performance Nutrition Course

A proven step-by-step system to fuel your body to get more out of your training sessions, get stronger faster, and recover harder, all while reducing stress around food.

When I made the move from gym rat to competitive lifter, I started noticing other competitive lifters were following incorrect nutrition tactics that were holding them back from their true potential as an athlete.  As a performance nutritionist, I knew these athletes were following nutrition meant for physique athletes, not for performance athletes.  

I convinced a few of my friends to let me help them with some small changes to their nutrition and a few things happened almost immediately:

  • They had a LOT more energy in their training sessions and everyday life
  • They could push harder and train harder
  • They started hitting PRs weekly
  • They stopped getting so sore
  • They slept better

Within a month, all of them started noticing positive changes in their body composition without even trying.  

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"Does getting stronger equate to gaining weight?"

My friends and training partners were blown away by these changes.  They told me things like “every time I’ve tried to lose body fat in the past I always got weaker, now I’m getting stronger while I lose body fat!” or “I thought eating for better performance meant I had to gain weight, I’m shocked by how much stronger I’m getting without gaining weight.”

You see, most lifters and strength athletes are unaware that the majority of nutrition advice out there in the nutrition world is not meant for them.  It’s meant for people who want to change their physique through resistance training, not for people who care about their performance in training sessions and on the platform.  While you can have both happen at the same time (physique & performance improvements), you’re ONLY going to optimize your performance if you’re following performance nutrition tactics.  

Almost every athlete I’ve ever worked with (hundreds now) was leaving huge performance optimizations on the platform, until they came to me, and didn’t even know it.

Once I taught them how to properly fuel, their rate of strength gain reached that of their newbie lifter days…even the most elite athletes!

Imagine if:

  • You have a healthy relationship with food and your body, which allows you to fuel properly for training without feeling restricted or obsessive
  • There’s no stress around your meals because you know exactly what foods to eat and when, taking away the extra thought and decision-making behind your meals
  • Your workouts are fun again because you can make it through a whole session without feeling drained 
  • You eat foods you enjoy without guilt or shame, and still meet your body composition and lifting goals
  • No more surfing the internet and falling prey to the confusing information floating around in the “Instagram nutrition” space
  • PRs not only feel possible again, but they actually HAPPEN 
  • You knew exactly how to manage your nutrition without having the expense of a coach

So that’s why I created the Stronger Faster Performance Nutrition Course!

Stronger Faster Performance Nutrition Course

Teaches you the exact evidence-based performance nutrition methods we use to create healthy and happy champions so you can be your own nutrition coach and not have to rely on someone else to get the results you want.

You’ll learn the performance nutrition tactics designed for barbell athletes to help you stay in your weight class while fueling your training for optimal results and learn how to manage your recovery so you can keep training hard.

An 8-week course guided by two internationally competitive powerlifters who will write a personalized macro plan for you, teach you how to monitor and manipulate it based on your training, recovery, and goals.  They’ll also teach you what, when, and how to eat to get the most out of your training and recovery, including meal timing, pre-post-intra-training meals, what supplements are helpful and what are a waste of money, and how to incorporate nutrition into your busy life. You’ll be guided through lessons each week in our private app as well as have a community forum to ask questions.

    • 8 week course
    • Personalized macro plan 
    • Learn the science and the why behind our recommendations
    • Weekly lessons to learn what, when, and how to eat to get the most out of your training and recovery
      • Topics include:
        • Protein, carbohydrate, fat selections for your needs
        • Pre/post/intra-training meal strategies 
        • Nutrient Density/Food Quality
        • Supplements 
        • Navigating Social Situations/Travel & Balance 
        • Alcohol
        • Stress management
        • Sleep
        • Time management

We’re also giving some bonuses with this course.  For the first time ever:

Weekly (group) coaching calls

Meet day meals guide

High protein recipe ebook (with macros listed for each recipe!)

1 free month of our Fiercely Fueled Membership after the course

8 week money back guarantee.  If at the end of 8 weeks, you did not learn how to properly fuel your training we’ll give you your money back.

How long does it take to see results?

We make each weekly lesson so easy to implement that you should see progress each and every week.  By the end of the 8 weeks you will have made massive progress on fueling yourself and getting more from your training.


What if it doesn’t work for me?

Well, we REALLY think it will.  But if you implement the principles and aren’t getting ANYTHING from them, we will happily refund your money.


I’ve seen similar stuff in the past — what makes this different?

Most people buy online courses and never get past the first lesson.  That’s why this is offered as a guided course where we’ll be communicating and engaging with you each week.  The other thing that makes this course different is that it’s meant to teach you everything you need to know to optimize your training outcomes as a lifter so you can be your own nutrition coach.


What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?

The weekly lessons will only take you between 5-10 minutes a week to watch and can easily be implemented.  If you can’t find 5-10 minutes a week to improve your performance through proper nutrition, perhaps improved performance isn’t really your goal.


Will it be a good fit for me?

This program is perfect for any lifter who cares about improving their nutrition through easy to implement steps and evidence-based tactics.  It works for everyone from the beginner lifter all the way up to the most elite level.  You will need to have at least some familiarity with tracking macros (protein, carbohydrates, fat), however, you do not need to track macros to learn the information.

Learn how to properly fuel your training and design your lifestyle to improve your performance and recovery in 8 weeks or your money back! This program teaches you everything you need to know to become your own performance nutrition coach for life and costs a fraction of the price of just 3 months of coaching.

Sign up now for $497 for the entire program!